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2D & 3D Laser Cutting

Salvagnini L3 / BLM GROUP Lasertube LT8


Laser cutting technology offers flexibility, precision, speed and accuracy, which guarantees reproducibility, low distortion and a considerable reduction of  production costs for any type of metal cutting processes.

We have highly flexible, productive and automated systems that ensures the most efficient material management, processing items efficiently from material  stock to maximize material usage and reduce waste to a minimum. Programming of laser cutting processes is performed directly by our engineers and  technicians based on the products design and needs.

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BLM Lasertube/Profile Cutter

The 3D laser tube cutter is capable of handling materials up to 28’ long, tube sizes up to 8.50” x 8.50” and cutting steel up to 0.59” thick, using a 3.5 kW laser head.

Salvagnini L3 – 2D Laser Sheet Cutter

The 2D laser sheet cutter is used to manufacture various components requiring many complex shapes and areas to be cut into steel sheet stock.
The 2D  laser sheet cutter allows for significant time savings and also the highest level of precision when manufacturing these components.
The 2D laser sheet cutter is capable of handling materials up to 120.0” long, 60.0” wide and cutting steel up to 0.787” thick, using a 4.0 kW laser head.
BLM LT8 lasertube

Salvagnini L3 2D laser

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