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Automated & Manual Bending

Salvagnini P4 / Salvagnini B3


Our technology allows bending both simple and complex items in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses with a high level of flexibility and efficiency. Our  automatic systems use refined software for programming production processes to produce a wide range of panels with multiple universal bending tools,  which automatically compensate for all the deflections that occur in-cycle, further minimizing waste.

Our fully automatic punching and bending services are a winning solution for your needs. Technologies feature proprietary bending algorithms to deliver  extremely fast and accurate movements, ensuring the highest product quality.

our technlogies

Salvagnini P4 - Panel Bender

The automatic panel bender is capable of handling materials up to 126” long, 59.0” wide and bending materials up to 0.12” thick.

Salvagnini B3 - Press  Brake

The press brake is used to manufacture larger or less common components. Using the press brake, materials are formed to the correct shape required. The press brake is useful for items that are not able to be manufactured using the automatic punching or bending machines. The press brake is capable  of handling materials up to 10’ long, and bending materials up to 0.5” thick, depending on the dimension of the material.
Press Brake

Salvagnini P4

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