"What you need is not a metal shop
what you need is a partner"

Sampling & Quality Control

Consulting + Planning + Sampling

Our technicians and engineers provide design support and advice on materials and produc- tion techniques, taking our customers‘ prototypes from  conception to production. We provide assistance in the development phase to meet our clients’ production requirements within deadlines, offering high  quality servi- ces for any type of industries and products.

Shipment + Delivery

Easily accessible, located in Lewiston, Maine, our North American headquarters offers timely delivery. Upon request, we provide special packaging and  delivery operations to meet your needs.
Consulting, Planning, Sampling

Shipment, Delivery

90 Alfred A. Plourde Parkway - 04240 Lewiston, ME - Tel. +1 207 440 5100 - Fax +1 207 786 0271 - info@mcm-america.com
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